Celebrities Have Opinions About Health Care Reform!


There's no denying the sheer momentousness of yesterday's health care reform vote, the last stretch of a grueling political marathon whose finish line comes tomorrow with a Presidential signature and joyous Ace Bandage parade on the National Mall immediately after. But what kinds of reactions to this milestone in American history were celebrities tweeting, blogging and having stitched by Malaysian sweatshop workers into their vanity fashion lines? A sampling lies just ahead...

Adam McKay aka @GhostPanther:

Can't believe they got health Insurance reform through. First reg against big money in forty years. We should all feel good for five min.

Michael Ian Black:

Now that health care has passed, can we please get back to the urgent issue of shooting stuff down with lasers?

Seth Meyers aka @sethmeyers21:

Although, to be fair, "Baby Killer" IS Bart Stupak's rap name. He also answers to Stupac.

Evan Handler writing on The Huffington Post:

"...[M]ake no mistake: something huge has happened. An enormous victory has occurred. A gate has swung open, and barring further calamitous economic erosion, people will soon (or not so soon) begin to experience the positive effect portions of this legislation will have on their lives."

Ari Emanuel writing on The Huffington Post: