The Problem With Captain America That No One is Talking About

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By now you've no doubt heard that Marvel has tapped Chris Evans to play Captain America in The First Avenger: Captain America. If he accepts the nine (nine!) film deal that he's being offered, Evans will join the Marvel universe for a second time--he was Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four--and keep the anti-Channing Tatum contingent from burning Hollywood to the ground. That's all well and good obviously, and Evans is actually good for the role (even the geeks agree!), but there's seems to be an even bigger problem with this planned summer 2011 tentpole than who dons the red, white and blue tights. Namely, Joe Johnston.

Obviously Marvel can't get big name directors for every one of their properties (see Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk), but doesn't Captain America rate a tad higher in the Marvel hierarchy than Thor? Yet the latter film has Academy Award-nominee Kenneth Branagh behind the lens, while the former has the guy who directed Jurassic Park III.

While announcing Johnston as the choice, Marvel's Kevin Feige highlighted his special effects work on the original Star Wars and in Raiders of the Lost Ark before mentioning movies he actually directed, like The Rocketeer. That's a problem. Having a third-stringer like Johnston mold one of the biggest properties in the Marvel stable feels more than just extremely odd; it's short-sighted and downright foolish. Perhaps the geeks should stop worrying about who plays Captain America and start worrying about the movie itself. Unless, of course, they're fine with seeing "From the director of The Wolf Man" above the title come 2011.


  • Jason says:

    Did (Jurassic park 3) Suck? Yes... But that wasnt ''Joe Johnstons'' Fault. The studio gave him a piss poor script an turned it into a meaningless rescue mission. Joe did what he could with it.. He DID NOT have any say on the 3rd Jurassic park script. Which is the only reason the movie blew balls.
    Same with (The Wolfman) It was NOT his project, he picked it up with 4 weeks to plan when most directors get 16 weeks. He was rushed, The Studio CUT 26 some odd minutes off the beginning to get to the action. Which is EXACTLY what was wrong with the movie. Not enough character development.
    So to say ''Joe Johnston is the reason Jurassic park 3 and the wolfman sucked'' It NOT fair... This will be the first project he will get to do with proper timing and development prior to Jurassic park 3.
    So i say give him a Chance with ''Captain America'' He is also set to do ''Jurassic park 4'' after Captain America. So we'll see what talents he has.

  • Does anyone really want to see a Captain America movie?
    I mean, he has no powers, dresses like a spin class leader and throws a fucking shield at people.
    Isn't Green Hornet enough?

  • TIMOTHY TALBOTT ain't no TIM TALBOTT, that's for damn sure...

  • SunnydaZe says:

    How about this>
    "Captain America: Fabulous, Gay, and in 3D!"
    Does that lend the property more appeal?

  • johnnysokko says:

    the writer forgot what the esteemed ang lee did to the hulk. louis leterrier's version was a thousand times better. and as many have pointed out, jurassic park 3 was a solid actioner and october sky a good drama. he shouldn't be so starstruck.

  • ae92 says:

    Not that it matters at all, but Chris Evans is half-Irish-American. Evans is a common surname in Ireland. I'm sure he's a decent enough actor to hide the fact that he's half Italian-American... 🙂

  • Richard says:

    Er, no, Captain America is NOT higher on the food chain than Thor. Thor is one of Marvel's absolute most powerful super heroes and is an A list player.

  • M B says:

    News flash to the rest of the world: Rocketeer was NEVER a good movie.
    To Richard:
    Um, yes, Cap is higher on the food chain than Thor. Thor is more powerful but when it comes to Marvel Characters, only Spider-Man, Wolverine and Hulk and Iron Man are more well-known on a global scale than Cap. Cap is a graphic image that is recognizable worldwide. Thor's image is known to comic book fans.

  • Rhatik Darkio says:

    i loved the rocketeer it was like captain america with jet pack and jurassic park 3 was great


    One thing wrong is they got another lying lezbo 1000000 percent eurasian brit actor to play the American agent, so you know Marvel doesn't give a junk crap about the American moviegoers or comic readers. End of story. It will BOMB as much as the entire industry has loooong been doing, but they will give you fraudulent numbers that they are succeeding, which they will never do.

  • Dan Schaefer says:

    News flash! The Rocketeer is an excellent film!