Friday Box Office: Alice Pulls an Angelina


And you wonder why Warner Brothers shoehorned a third dimension into the upcoming Clash of the Titans. For the third Friday in a row Alice in Wonderland was the top choice for ticket buyers with $8.6 million in ticket sales. As for the newcomers, the results ranged from disappointing ($7.5 million for Jennifer Aniston's The Bounty Hunter) to "whatever" ($7 million for Diary of a Wimpy Kid) to downright ugly ($2 million for Repo Men). Remember what Chris Rock said about Jude Law at the Oscars in 2005? Turns out he was right. Take that, Sean Penn!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND: $8.6 million ($261.2 million)

THE BOUNTY HUNTER: $7.5 million (new)

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: $7 million (new)

REPO MEN: $2 million (new)

SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE: $1.7 million ($15.6 million)

GREEN ZONE: $1.7 million ($20.4 million)

SHUTTER ISLAND: $1.2 million ($112.2 million)

REMEMBER ME: $1.2 million ($11.8 million)

OUR FAMILY WEDDING: $1 million ($10.8 million)

AVATAR: $1 million ($733.8 million)