Can Matthew Fox Finally Get Off the Island?


Maybe it wasn't the best time for Gerard Butler to co-star in a movie that's being called "embarrassing" because of its box office totals. Fresh off The Bounty Hunter, Butler is among the final choices to play CIA counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp in the CBS Films adaptation of Consent to Kill, one of the 11 best-selling novels in a series by Vince Flynn. Joining the Scottish hunk on the short list are the Colin Farrell and Matthew "Hey, what am I doing mentioned here?" Fox.

According to Deadline Hollywood's Mike Fleming, Butler is still the lead choice for the part, but Farrell and Fox aren't far behind. If Fox can somehow snag the role, he'll become the second Lost castaway to line up a post-Island project (Daniel Dae Kim is already tapped for the CBS reboot of Hawaii 5-0) and here's hoping he can make it happen. While Fox doesn't scream "action hero!" in the way that Gerard Butler does, he's just as physical as Colin Farrell and certainly possesses the skills to play a CIA agent with scrupulous morals (Rapp supposedly has to go all Denzel-in-Man on Fire to protect his family in Consent to Kill). Bear in mind: Fox's Jack Shephard shot fellow 815er John Locke in the face once! Okay, so the gun wasn't loaded, but still... [Deadline]


  • zooeyglass says:

    Anyone but Butler! Lord that man is annoying and is in everything lately (Jude Law circa 2004).
    Fox would be a good choice.

  • bierce says:

    I, too, am mystified by the Hollywood love for Gerard Butler. His ugly mug, so-so acting, and hilariously strange accents would knock him off my casting list right away.