Unearthed: Ben Affleck's Made-For-TV Roid-Rage Freakout

· Jeannie!!! How many TIMES does Ben Affleck have to TELL you?! Keep your stinky little fingers off his growth-hormone stash! RARRRRRGH BEN EAT LITTLE BLACK KITTIE RARRRRGH! [HuffPo]

· Ellen DeGeneres presented the lesbian teen whose school canceled prom because she wanted to bring her girlfriend with a $30,000 scholarship check today. It came courtesy of Tonic.com. Gay Rights: 1, Shameless Corporate Shilling: 1. Everybody wins! [USA Today]

· Andrew Shue unleashed his gnarled, mutant toes on an unsuspecting America this morning. Sigh. Just bring back Kathy Lee. There, are you happy? I said it. [EW]

· Anna Nicole Smith still getting no respect, even in the afterlife. On Planet Me, you sleep with a 178-year-old oil tycoon for 12 months, you get every penny. [AP]

· Aubrey Plaza calls her Parks and Recreation costar Amy Poehler a "violent monster." I blame Andy Samberg, somehow. [YouTube]

· Anderson Cooper is shocked that he lost to Cheech Marin on Celebrity Jeopardy, which is blatantly weedist. [YouTube]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Bah! Ben Affleck wigs out like that if you tell him the craft services table is out of Snickers bars.
    2. Now I know why the school canceled the prom. The school board loves getting sued by the ACLU, especially when it can win the girl a college scholarship.
    3. Who is Andrew Shue, and why should anyone care?
    4. The poor girl's dead, and still losing.
    5. Amy Poehler, I feel your pain. You beat a few people half to death with your bare hands, and you're unfairly branded for life.
    6. And the ironic part is that Alex Trebek did more chronic than anyone that day.

  • raincoaster says:

    That bit with the rug was the most realistic love scene I've ever seen Affleck in.