The Real Housewives of New York City Reality Check: 'Fall in Manhattan'

It was another momentous week for the New York City housewives. There were cat fights, brief glimpses of other C-list stars (Dina Lohan) and per usual, the only episode's wisdom was delivered by a housewife's pint-size offspring. That's not to say that the women didn't try to philosophize about their relationships -- the most valiant effort was delivered by Jill Behar about Bethenny: "I really made a deposit in that friendship bank and I feel like she took the money and ran. I feel like she cleaned out our bank account." After the jump, Movieline sifts through rest of wives' sentiments and fundraiser clashes to pinpoint the truest and fakest moments of the night.

TRUE: Jill Is Not Homophobic But Overly Gay Gays "Scare the Crap" Out of Her

For a second during last night's show, I really felt for Jill Behar. Her husband Bobby, who had been quietly suffering from thyroid cancer while Jill burned her weekly allowance on sham psychics, got a call from his doctor telling him that his cancer was in remission. Jill teared up, hugged her husband and then bolted to the confessional to further discuss how thankful she was. It seemed like a rare but genuine moment.

Not so fast though, because Jill lost all of her sympathy points at an Ungaro party hosted by "Countless" LuAnn when Alex swept in with a flamboyant male friend of hers, identified as "Eric, my day gay." EMDG terrified Jill Behar because of the dozen pinky rings he had jammed onto his finger and the leather sleeping mask he appeared to be wearing on his head, I think?

"Alex and Simon arrived with this freaky guy. I was a little shocked. I really was. Like, he scared the crap out of me. I don't know what he was wearing. He was wearing a corset, a bag and I don't know. I've been around gays. I mean this guy was like [flips wrists] overly beyond."

Please direct all hate mail to Jill's publicist.

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  • Kecia Newton says:

    Its "Derek, my day gay".
    And to clarify hes Derek Fabulous of

  • James says:

    This episode was great and i love your review but its not "Eric, the day gay" its "DEREK, the day gay". Hes a fabulous person from NYC and a "Lifestyle GURU" and founder of

  • Richard in the city says:

    You're right James, it's DEREK, honey.
    He was throwing a gay bash the other day. They made a good point in this. Jill supposedly had a GAY BEST FRIEND! What the hell was all that about!

  • Edina Monsoon says:

    I can see it now. First we have “Bethenny’s Baby Shower”, followed by “Bethenny’s Bridal Shower”, followed by “Bethenny: The Wedding”, which will be done by the king of tacky, David Tutera. But the fun has just begun. “Bethenny’s Water Breaks”, followed by “Bethenny in Labor sans Drugs”, “Bethenny During Transition”, “Bethenny: The Birth”, “Jason 2.0 Cutting the Cord”, “Bethenny: Here’s My Baby”, and culminating with “The Bris.” I don’t know whether or not she and Jason 2.0 are Jewish or not, but a bris would be more interesting than a mundane christening. Should I pitch this to Bravo? It doesn’t end with the bris either because we’d have to watch her nurse the wee tot, feed him his first bite of tofu, take the tot for walks in a proper English pram, and fight with a nanny.

  • l.rodriguez says:

    Why do you call Jill Behar? It's Jill Zarin.

  • Camgirls says:

    Great post. Thanks