Ramona and Beezus Trailer Full of All the CG Sequences You Remember From the Books

Hey fanboys, get excited! Here's the new trailer for Ramona and Beezus, based on the classic series of, uh, "graphic novels" by Beverly Cleary, and starring, let's say, "Captain America frontrunner" Selena Gomez. No, no. This is not working. All that boy-friendly advice from Disney is so hard to actually put into practice!

What we really have here is an adaptation of the old-timey set of children's books with a couple of concessions to the modern age: Series protagonist Ramona has to share a lot more screen time with tween-friendly older sister Beezus (Gomez), Ramona's imagination has now been fleshed out with CG, and half of the adults Ramona knows are played by former models. Still, Hollywood could have done a lot worse to it. In this day and age, maybe that serves as a recommendation?

VERDICT: Sure, why not.


  • el smrtmnky says:

    it's like gossip girl: the hot dad quotient is high

  • Sebastian says:

    wait Ramona looks so beautiful..like Matilda's little sister. I really like the way she dances at 1:34. The song, however, needed to go and should have been replaced with Rusted Root, preferably their song that's played when Matilda is playing with her cereal.

  • Chris A says:

    "Ramona, you're your own person. You don't worry about coloring in the lines." I'm vomiting as I write this. Is anything in this world free from tired, cliche psychobabble?

  • Ngonyo says:

    Selena gomez was awsome at the song its an awsome song at it soooooooooooo goes with the movie! I wish i could hear the full verison! Anyway I going to see that movie very soon and it seems like an awsome one! I love selena gomez and I love the book! Ramona is so funny!