Plenty More Days of Our Lives


Alert your great aunt after she gets back from buying Winstons: Days of Our Lives has been picked up for a 45th season! That's a whole lot of baby switches and soft-focus fights about faking Peter's death. As the show continues to evolve for soap lovers all over the nation, Movieline has one request: Help this discarded homosexual out with a nudity-related sideplot. [EW]


  • TedM says:

    When CBS executives basically say that any long-running daytime drama should be canceled and replaced by inane game shows that nobody watches, it's refreshing that NBC is willing to keep its one daytime program on the air.
    I fear that the one surviving daytime show in NYC ("One Life to Live") is doomed and that will be a huge shame. It's almost as if the networks want to move all productions out of NYC and to the West Coast.

  • zooeyglass says:

    I agree. Bring over Brett Claywell and Scott Evans!