Our Commenters of the Week Win Michel Gondry's Misplaced VMA!

Silly-nilly music video directors! Always too caught up in envisioning three-minute pop dioramas. Video grandmaster Michel Gondry may be the silliest in the field; He claims disinterest with Lady Gaga and misplaces his single Video Music Award for Massive Attack's 1995 clip "Protection." Can you believe we found it? It was sitting next to a dainty old cherry tree that Bjork was wearing. Now: Which of this week's commenters wins the hardware?

stretch65 on Mike Tyson Announces Reality Show About Secret About Secret Obsession Pigeon Racing: "You know who else likes pigeons - Bert on Sesame Street."

stolidog on Does a Best Actress Oscar Lead to Divorce?: "I would imagine it's because the best actresses were geniunely in love and their careers just interfered, while the wives of the best actors are still chained to their beard contracts."

TimGunn on Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes Separated; Entirely Amicable Says Rep: I just watched Revolutionary Road last night. Glad to see nowadays Kate can escape her loveless marriage via mutual agreement rather than DIY abortion."

tahlia on 5 Resemblances Between Lindsay Lohan and the E*TRADE Baby She is Suing: "Lindsay should be so lucky to be addicted to milk. At least then she wouldn't look like she's suffering from osteoporosis in her twenties."

Ted on Does Stripped-Down Avatar DVD Hint at Summer 3-D Re-Release: "It's a 'special' edition - 2D only. Because we all wanted to know what this movie would look like in 2D."


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