Hollywood Ink: Amanda Seyfried Agrees to Work With McG

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· A few minor slip-ups aside (and Jennifer's Body wasn't her fault), Amanda Seyfried has spent the last two years managing her roles with precision, taste and success. Will she meet her match in McG, who's reportedly been attached to direct her in the adaptation of the Rolling Stone article The Girl Who Conned the Ivy League? Time will tell: The film will profile Esther Reed, a 28-year-old high-school dropout whose identity-theft hijinks at Harvard and Columbia landed her on America's Most Wanted and triggered an 18-month nationwide womanhunt. Lorene Scafaria will write the screenplay. Tread carefully, Amanda. [@prodweek]

Jamie Foxx cashes another check, a pair of '80s remakes settle into the development pipeline, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Also from Twitter: The screenwriter of Lionsgate's video-game adaptation Kane & Lynch -- about a framed mercenary attempting to save his family -- tweeted Wednesday that Jamie Foxx will join Bruce Willis in the film. The tweet has since been rescinded; the movie, not so much -- it begins shooting in August. [Deadline]

· The fanboy sanctity of The Monster Squad has been severely tested by news that Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes -- which brought you such beloved remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and the forthcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street -- will produce a remake of the 1987 cult classic for Paramount. Rob Cohen, who produced the original, is set to direct. For a perfect storm of reactions, see the outpouring of geek protest at AICN -- this despite original Squad director Fred Dekker's blessing of the project. It's not the worst way to procrastinate away 15 minutes of your Friday morning. [Deadline]

· That other canonical hallmark of 1987 -- the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell comedy Overboard -- is in development for a remake as well. Jennifer Lopez is negotiating to take over Hawn's role as, and I really must quote here because I totally forgot how retrograde this was, "a snooty, spoiled woman who falls off her yacht and is taken to the hospital by a local, morally challenged carpenter. When she wakes up with amnesia, he convinces her she is his wife, thereby getting a free housekeeper for his four boys." This is why the Oscars don't come calling, J-Lo. [THR]

· If you've been dragging your feet on getting your $700 million full-price offer for Miramax over to Disney, good news: The studio has extended today's deadline to March 31. [The Wrap]