Star Search Fails to Find Paula Abdul


This television season is missing a little something in the way of reality judge incoherence, and the drought continues. THR reports that Paula Abdul has passed on the gig judging ABC's Star Search reboot because producers couldn't meet the $5 million salary she'd already turned down at American Idol. Unfortunately for Abdul, that's the problem she's been encountering all over town, since no show besides television's biggest will blow its comparatively meager budget on the entertainer. Sorry,, have a look at some babies! [THR]


  • HwoodHills says:

    Might be a good time for a Pay-Per-View producer to come up with a "Baby Oil Paired Dance-off" for Reality Show Contestants. (And have Paula be the judge.)
    Think about it...
    Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag vs. Any and All "Real World" contestants? (Spiced up with a couple "Biggest Losers" babes?)
    It's a PAY DAY waiting to happen!