Megamind Teaser in No Rush to Show Off Stars Brad Pitt and Tina Fey


It's the rare movie that would relegate its expansive cast of Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, and Jonah Hill to mere title cards in its trailer, but the new DreamWorks animated film Megamind is selling itself as Will Ferrell's one-man show. It's an ironic change of pace, as the movie (about a villain who finally vanquishes his superhero rival, then grapples with the loss of his life's goal) didn't even have Ferrell in the cast until a few months ago, when it cast him to replace lead Robert Downey Jr. The tweaks didn't stop there, either: A few months later, the studio changed the film's name from Oobermind to the current Megamind.

With all those last-minute yet sizable revisions, it's no surprise that the teaser doesn't effectively sell what kind of movie Megamind is going to be. The real question is whether the studio has even figured that out yet.

VERDICT: Jury's out.