Lexy and Stephany Are Your American Idols

· Could the current season of American Idol SUCK. ANY. HARDER? No. It could not. Go away, Ellen. You stink. I'm going to go ahead and forget this season ever happened, and just crown my own winner right now. It's a tie! Congratulations, Lexy and Stephany! Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away from Ellen with me. (t/y Paul) [YouTube]

· Enjoy these movie-themed shuttle mission posters from NASA. The Matrix-themed Expedition 16 poster looks like a Christmas card from your "cool" dentist. [Videogum]

· Warner Bros. has Google ad-bombed (or whatever you call it) the system, so when you search for Kick-Ass, you get sponsored posts for its same weekend rival, the "the kickass Clash of the Titans." Pretty sneaky, sis. [/Film]

· Secretive new mom Padma Lakshmi has asked for some "peace and privacy," which she would then like to see you incorporate into a light summer snack in under 15 minutes. GO! [CNN]

· X-Men: First Class director Bryan Singer still isn't over his mutant-daddy issues: "I love the relationship between Magneto and Xavier, these two men who have diametrically opposite points of view but still manage to be friends -- to a point. They are the ultimate frenemies." [Topless Robot]

· Roman Polanski's attorneys have filed an appeal asking that a special counsel be appointed to investigate alleged judicial misconduct in his case. Once they're at it, can they look into how Kim Cattrall got cast in The Ghost Writer? [USA Today]

· Hugh Grant Still Shaken By Chocolate Cake Smearing Scandal! [Daily Mail]

· John Cusack: Wet and loving it! [Moviefone]

· Bill Paxton: Tilt and loving it! [Kotaku]

· Death Star Watermelon. [Flickr via The Daily What]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Gee, and Simon said it would be his last season, even before it began. It's almost as if he saw the suckitude coming over the horizon and decided to get out of Dodge while the getting was good.
    2. We can't put a man on the moon again, but damn it, we can spend a lot of your money making posters.
    3. "The kid who came up with that idea has moxie, and I'm not talking about the soft drink," he said before taking a drag off his official movie mogul cigar. "Promote the little bastard."
    4. All right, I have to confess. I'm the father of her baby! Let me tell you, the condoms the Food Network gave away at the Xmas party are just no good at all.
    5. You gotta long way to go to atone for that sh*tty Superman flick Bryan. So quit jawing to the press and get back to work!
    6. Roman Polanski wanted Dakota Fanning in the role, but his lawyers substituted Kim Catrall to avoid any trouble.
    7. Well I should hope so.
    8. John Cusack loves it when he gets cast in anything.
    9. I always viewed Bill Paxton as more of an 8 bit video game kind of guy.
    10. Bah, try making a watermelon out of Death Stars, that's tricky!

  • HwoodHills says:

    I think you may want to apologize to the nation, Ascamovitch, for possibly just launching these two into William Hung, Gen. Larry Platt notoriety.
    (Like a bad bus accident featuring retarded, deaf, mute children - I didn't WANT to watch, but I HAD to.)
    Damn you, Ascamovitch. Damn you.

  • The Winchester says:

    Please tell me that pinball machine plays "Pina Colada Burg" whilst you play pinball.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    the creepy ghost twins from the shining have nothing on these girls

  • Andy III says:

    Here's an idea...stop watching and reporting on this freaking boil on America's ass and maybe it will go away. You're the only ones who seem to pick at this pointless endeavor...except maybe the country's new idol...Taylor Hicks...wait, who?

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Lexy and Stephany... So difficult to type through my tears... My life has been re-invented... I am set free... All bitterness has melted away... I shall be snarky no more... I have only love to give...

  • Cam Girls says:

    Oh was het een wedstrijd? Echt raar dat wij meteen daarnaast stonden op te treden, haha

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  • john says:

    I don't completely agree with everything, but most of it seems accurate