Late Night Highlights: The Best and Worst of the St. Patrick's Day Tributes

While you were face down in a puddle of green beer last night, the late-night hosts donned their best St. Patty's gear and celebrated the holiday in their own special ways. Jimmy Fallon sang an Irish folk song in a funny green hat, Jay Leno hit the streets for a St. Patrick's Day-themed edition of Jaywalking, Comedy Central honored the greenest drug of all and David Letterman -- well -- he was still trying to figure out "that Twitter machine." Click through for the holiday-themed segments, ranked from worst (Blimey!) to best.

5. Driving Green with the D.O.G.G.

Who better to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with than the greenest rapper of them all, Snoop Dogg. 'The High Fella' used his segment on the Daily Show to plug his new DVD Malice in Wonderland, recall when white people were scared of him and celebrate that fact that his voice can now be heard on certain G.P.S. systems.

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