Jesse James Issues Statement to Counter Sandra Bullock's Potential Oscar Curse


Bummer times ahead, everyone: Jesse James has issued a statement to People in the wake of rumors that he had cheated on wife Sandra Bullock, and he appears to confirm the allegations while apologizing for his behavior. Will it be enough to thwart the Best Actress curse? Here's the full statement from James:

The vast majority of the allegations reported are untrue and unfounded. Beyond that, I will not dignify these private matters with any further public comment.

There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me. It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way.

This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me.

Jesse James Apologizes to Sandra Bullock and His Children [People]


  • TimGunn says:

    Ouch, right after she said all those great things about him on the awards circuit.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Ted Lewandowski says:

    OMG - I don't think he would be allowed to go on some rides at Disney World - LOL. What goes around - comes around. BTW, platform shoes also work wonders for photos with your wife.

  • bob says:

    He's sitting down in that photo, chief.

  • Scriptgrrl says:

    Nobody fucks with America's Sweetheart.

  • whoneedslight says:

    I hope she gets custody of the dogs.

  • Mikey says:

    I thought Mo'Nique said this sort of thing was okay.

  • Martini Shark says:

    You can take the grease-monkey out of the motor-pool . . .

  • Peggie says:

    She deserves better.

  • Old No.7 says:

    Jesse obviously hasn't learned that the key to a successful marriage is to always say no to temptation, just go home and jack off.

  • Cornelia says:

    I agree.

  • dlb19595 says:

    I hope he's going through hell because of all the great thing's she said about him. She does deserve better so much better. She is such a great person how could anyone hurt her the way he did. Jesse you screwed up big time and if she ever talks to you again you'll be lucky! Oh yeah and it would be nice if you had yourself checked for any type of sexually transmitted diseases after sleeping with a pig like that. You sir disgust me!

  • stolidog says:

    Well, if she's quick and beats him to death with that new statue, curse averted.

  • Dmegson says:


  • What did she expect!? says:

    Come one folks. This guy was married to a PORN STAR!!!!! With that kind of background what did she expect! She was looking for the bad boy and got it and now she pays the price. And she looked down on his ex because of her background. Look in the mirror Sandy you married the same guy and slept with everybody she did cause she slept with jesse before you did. YUCK!

  • jOHN THOMAS says:

    Sandra needs to get skanky and nasty and start getting promiscuous with both guys and gals, Dress like a total whore and slut and just cruise for non stop sex with as many partners as possibe

  • Rebecca says:

    The other woman, Trashy Michelle, was using Jesse James--plain and simple. And here's how dumb he is: surely, he is thinking the whole time he's banging her that she was actually enjoying him and their romps on the couch. How stupid men are. She was ONLY enjoying a shot at cashing in on his obvious stupidity. While he was banging her, and thinking she was liking it, she was thinking of how she was going to spend his money once Sandra finds out and leaves his sorry ass.
    When are men every going to realize that woman are better schemers than men are lovers!

  • Regina says:

    I think she is sitting on his lap.

  • Regina says:

    Why should she do that?

  • JJ says:


  • wtf! sweet post. I've been telling me friends about this blog. They love it!