Introducing Pop Culture's End of the Road: The South Park Casualty Count

As we've learned over the past 13 seasons of South Park, some episodes brilliantly satirize news stories while other installments belabor a single point so much that the entire episode collapses under the heavy hands of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Last night's 14th season premiere, 'Sexual Healing,' leaned more towards the latter side of the South Park spectrum, taking the ridiculousness of sexual addiction so far that Cartman, Butters and Kenny disappeared in the shuffle -- or for one character, after the odd, Batman-costumed autoerotic mishap.

Rather than harp on the inconsistencies though, Movieline would like to pause each week to reflect on the one constant in the Comedy Central series: the continual victimization of pop culture figures with a new feature -- The South Park Casualty Count.

And it was a bloody one, with 14 celebrity casualties:

· Tiger Woods

· Elin Woods

· Charlie Sheen

· Bill Clinton

· David Duchovny

· David Letterman

· Michael Douglas

· Eliot Spitzer

· Ben Roethlisberger

· Kobe Bryant

· Billy Bob Thornton

· Evander Holyfield

· President Barack Obama

· Michelle Obama

And there's footage!


  • Matthew DH says:

    It really was a terrible episode. The points were made within the first 3 minutes and then hammered over the audiences' heads for the final 19 minutes. Much like a lot of the recent Family Guy episodes wherein Brian gets on a soapbox for half an hour and scolds conservative Americans.
    But the new series that premiered after South Park, 'Ugly Americans' wasn't all that bad. It wasn't funny and I wonder if it was actually supposed to be funny. But it was like Futurama except monsters replaced aliens and interesting character and art design replaced comedy.

  • burlivesleftnut says:

    god this show is so tired.

  • stolidog says:

    You're right, conservative americans shouldn't be scolded, they should be shot.

  • TJ says:

    That wasn't Kobe Bryant. It was Michael Jordan.

  • Peter Duckett says:

    I think the new South Park is better than the old one.

  • Bedantic says:

    Thanks for sharing your negative opinions regarding this episode. I wasn't going to bother wathing it, but now I can't wait to see it. It's always nice when the "media" complains about stuff like this; it only means there isn't any real news worth reporting. Thanks again!

  • Mark Hetman says:

    y'know it's interesting...
    I was meaning to watch the premiere last night but missed it. Saw this article come up on my email portal and clicked the link. Reading the article I was disheartened to hear South Park apparently started off the season on a weak note. The thought of maybe South Park is on the decline or something passed through my mind.
    Thanks to the wonderful world of 21st century online access, I remember that maybe I can catch it on demand. I dig to find the episode is immediately available at the SouthParkstudios website. A few clicks and I'm watching it in no time.
    As I prepare for a sub-par episode I find myself literally laughing out loud within the first 5 minutes. I keep waiting for it to sour, but it doesn't. IMHO the laughs are very funny and coming one after another. During one of the commercial breaks (Axe spray with some super cute girl) I'm asking myself... why in the world did that reviewer say this was a bad episo... and a realization hit me.
    ...I bet the writer of the review was female. That would explain it. Wow, yep. I bet that's what it is. I go back to the link to see.... and well, there you have it.
    I'll give you that the last 1/3 maybe wasn't as funny as the first 2/3rds, but overall I think this episode rocked.

  • JustinT says:

    "South Park doesn't always reflect my worldview that everything on E! and MTV is cool and everything on Fox News sucks therefore it sucks." Grow up.

  • T.Day says:

    Obviously, you are an old, conservative, religions nutball. It was a terrific episode and far too funny for any conservative to understand. You goofs should stick with Jerry Lewis movies and stay away from complicated forms of humor.

  • Gilligan says:

    It was actually Stan I think... not Cartman that was in the group of three that didn't see the color of the woman's handkerchief. If you are going to hate on a show at least get it right.
    Though I agree it was a rather lame episode, I think they have brought us enough gems that we can let a few turds slide.
    And Ugly Americans was TERRIBLE... do you guys just like being treated dumb? Is that why holly wood keeps regurgitating the same old hack crap and you keep swallowing it? That show had it's jokes... not moments, but JOKES but that was it... teaser for the new episode doesn't look much better.

  • Michael says:

    I love South Park but this episode sucked! Complete waste of time and disappointment.

  • joemama says:

    Nicca please, it was'nt their best episode but it was better than 90% of everything else on tv.This guys just a paid blogger so who cares what he thinks, it's a matter of opinion & taste , not anything else.

  • Ironic says:

    The point of the show was brilliant - and its hammering and re-hammering was a modest mockery of the way we've been hammered over and over with non-stop nonsense about the indiscretions of the rich and powerful. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "SEX ADDITION"! IT'S AN EXCUSE TO TRY TO ESCAPE CHARACTER ASSASINATION OF POLITICIANS AND CELEBRITIES FOR DOING WHAT COMES NATURALLY! The Victorian Charade is a distraction from REAL issues that ACTUALLY AFFECT US! Of course women throw themselves at men with wealth and power, and of course men who have a normal sex drive will succumb to it! Politicians and "uppity" celebrities have their careers and lives destroyed at the whim of those who control the Media, while indiscretions by those in the pocket of the Power Elite are left unmentioned...surely we didn't think that ALL the rich and powerful were saints, and pretend to be without sin ourselves as we cast stones...or did we? Perhaps it takes a child to say "THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES!"

  • Tony says:

    It was actually Kyle who put his hand up because he saw that Kenny was doing it too.

  • Gilligan says:

    Bah, I always mix those two up. Granted I didn't start a blog about it and get it wrong. 😉

  • Billy Joe Jim-Bob, Jr. says:

    Ha ha, douchebag Clinton gets lampooned.

  • Chuck Norris says:

    Try it, whimp!

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