Heidi Montag's Psychic Manager to Movieline: 'Gene Kelly Supports Heidi From His Grave'


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are experts at the art of the publicity stunt. In the past year alone, the pair has finagled more tabloid covers than any of their Hills co-stars, quit I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here twice and survived a 24-hour plastic surgery decathlon that transformed Montag into an almost-unrecognizable tabloid star. So when Montag announced last week that she was dumping her manager husband in lieu of psychic Aiden Chase, Movieline, like the rest of the Hills-watching nation, was suspicious.

Movieline tracked down Montag's new manager, Aiden Chase, a third-generation intuitive based in Beverly Hills, who explained his relationship with Montag, revealed which dead celebrities are rooting for the reality star and addressed the rumor that Spencer was banned from The Hills.

I understand you were on set with Heidi yesterday. Was that for The Hills?

No, actually that was for Heidi's new movie Go With It. The film is with Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. It was a great few days on set. She really excelled and got some great compliments and is just so excited about the direction of her career now.

Is she hoping to do more films?

Absolutely. Her goal is to be a movie star.

Is she thinking comedy or drama?

She would love to do more comedy and actually action. She would love to be an action star. She's been doing lots of training, learning how to fight and all of these great things that go into preparing for an action movie.

Well it seems like she is branching out now -- the Adam Sandler film, Ron Howard's Funny or Die video --

She loved doing that and was so honored that Ron Howard selected her for the video and they had a great time. Ron was really complimentary of her and it was just a really cool, fun day.

When did you start working for Heidi as a psychic?

With my healing and intuitive work, I had a client recommend me to go to Heidi and Spencer's house a few weeks after Heidi's surgery. So I went up to the house, met with them and we had great sessions. I've been going to them periodically for the last, I guess, few months and then for the last month, Heidi started saying to me, "You know, you've been doing all of this work for us, helping us with our careers and psychic information for us." It was just kind of like I was doing the manager job already, so she said, "Why don't you be my manager?" So I thought about it for a month and I eventually figured that I was already doing this role as her manager and helping instruct, I just wasn't making phone calls on her behalf. I thought that this would actually be great and a lot of fun and I really believe in Heidi's talent and her enthusiasm for her career. What would be better than being a part of that?

So there is no bad blood between you and Spencer?

No, Spencer and I are good friends. He is very happy and is figuring out what he is going to do for his career now. He likes having that space to pursue his own dreams.


What do you think of his decision to leave The Hills to fight cyber crime?

You know, Spencer is so passionate about helping the world become happier and healthier and protected. That's one of his passions. I think if he hadn't been part of the entertainment industry, he would have gone in that direction for sure.

Are you advising him as well?

Not so much now but maybe in the future. He's just really thinking about what he wants now and how he wants to fit into the scheme of Hollywood -- if he wants to be a media mogul, an actor or doing more reality.

Is there any truth that to the report that Spencer was actually banned from The Hills set for six weeks and ordered to take anger management classes after threatening a producer?

You know, I don't know if that is fully the case but all I do know is that Spencer is really excited for his future projects, especially feeling out this cyber-spy military area. I think that is a really fun thing for him to test out.

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