Greatest Trailer Spoils How Carey Mulligan Will Look When She's Pregnant (Among Other Things)


Thanks to our friends across the Web street for pointing out this trailer for The Greatest, which has actually been around for a while but bears noting for several reasons. First, if you've ever had the tabloid daydream of what Carey Mulligan will look like pregnant (and seriously, who hasn't?), then this will finally realize that visual. Second, it's a job well done that actually makes me want to see the film again. Third, if you have seen this already (it's been on the festival circuit since Sundance '09), then you'll know that for some reason it spoils the most shocking moment in the whole movie. Knowing that, if you're game, it's after the jump.

It'd have been really easy for distributor Paladin to hand this whole thing over to the holy trinity of Susan Sarandon, Pierce Brosnan and Mulligan, who plays a teenager carrying her late boyfriend's (Aaron Johnson) child. Brosnan and Sarandon play the boyfriend's parents, awash in grief and thrust on to the defensive when the pregnant girl shows up at their door in search of aid. She gets it in the form of a room in the house and a tense, tenuous place in the family. Stoic old man Brosnan empathizes, riven old lady Sarandon revolts: "It should have been her that died! It should have been her!" Damn. But here's a tip of the cap for emphasizing Johnny Simmons's role as the younger brother, a druggy, mopey mop-top with jealousy issues and his own fragile sense of place in the post-sibling order of things. It's a breakthrough performance for Simmons, though I guess I said that about Jennifer's Body, too. Still, I'll say it forever if I have to: This kid is terrific, as are all The Greatest's youngsters, including Zoe Kravitz as another grieving teen.

Anyway, exactly how the boy died isn't necessarily the stuff of top-secret plot points, but the incident itself, early in the film, is a pulverizing big-screen moment given away here at minimal resolution and impact. Watch if you must, but only if you promise to do a deserving film the solid of buying a ticket when the opportunity arises. Which would be April 2.


[via Vulture]


  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    Watched it. Wasn't as effective as the script. Still knee deep in my Mulligan girl-crush though

  • Fair enough! (I was wondering when you were going to chime in.)

  • Matthew DH says:

    Even when she's full-on fake preggers Miss Mulligan can't summon a screen presence.

  • not a fan says:

    I agree. She's an okay actress with not much of a persona and the brouhaha over AN EDUCATION completely mystified me. The next Audrey Hepburn? And I'm not even a huge fan of Hepburn but are people friggin' high? If she's the next Audrey Hepburn then Channing Tatum is the next Steve McQueen (and for those of you following along, he's not.)