Find Out If Betty White Is Easy: A Larry King How-To Guide


Sometimes you're interviewing a comedy legend whose impressive career has spanned over sixty years, five Emmys and the respect of every person in Hollywood -- and all you can think is, "I've gotta know. Does this chick put out?" Most interviewers would dismiss the illicit thought and skip to the next question but if you're Larry King, you toss out the questions you weren't using anyway and just ask.

Larry King might have no tact or else he might have worlds of style. Who are we to judge -- especially when the man has developed a foolproof strategy to cornering a respected actress into admitting that she is promiscuous while creeping out viewers at home.

1. Start Slow: Gently Transition into the Subject of Sexuality

"Do you consider yourself a new sex symbol for the younger generation?"

2. Flattery via Viewer Questions

"A Facebook question from David. This is serious. 'Betty, what are you doing Saturday night?'"

3. Enough with the Politeness; Break Her Down

"You were a loose woman, Betty. Admit it!"

4. Rephrase the Question

"Were you easy?" Would you say you were easy?"

5. Remember to Be Respectful of Any Late Spouses

"Would you say you were easy? I mean not when married to Allen [Ludden]."

6. If She Still Won't Answer, Switch Tactics

"Betty, when was the last time you went on a date?"

7. If She Still Won't Answer, Throw Out a Last Ditch Question That Alludes to Self-Pleasure Practices and Give Up

"But what do you do about your romantic urges?"

Vulture has compiled a video of the uncomfortable line of questioning here.


  • Ken says:

    I saw this. Seemed like Larry was trying to be funny, but it came across as very creepy and strange.

  • lucas says:

    what would have been funny is if she worked in a Robert Pattinson comment. since he said in an interview (jokingly) that he thinks she's totally hot

  • TV says:

    Larry King: "Lubrication. How important is at this stage in your life Betty?"
    This idiot needs to be put out to pasture already. Years ago I remember reading one of his brilliant thoughts, which he probably thought was a bon motte, in USA Today where he said "Who doesn't like Mayonnaise?" That's some good thinking there Larry.

  • GrtWhtSlvFrmWisconsin says:

    Larry, you dirty old man..Very funny though..You have to wonder what is going on in his dirty old mind..It sounded like he was fishing for an around the world with Betty..I think Larry would like to knock the dust out of Miss Betty..I wonder what his hot young wife thinks about this..Betty's new movie : Betty Does Hollywood..Produced and Directed by Larry King..Staring: Betty White, Larry King, and many others Straight to video.. Buy it at your local porn shop..In the Fetish Section..