The 9 Best Julia Roberts Faces From the Eat, Pray, Love Trailer

Hey guys, Crazy Aunt Julia is back and in a movie! It is called Eat, Pray, Love, and as near as I can tell from the trailer, it is about a woman who gets tired of having sex with Billy Crudup and James Franco, so she goes around the world eating carbs until she gets to have sex with Javier Bardem. Anyway, that's not the important part...the important part is that Jules is going for it. No more of this "minimally acting ice queen" business we've seen as of late in Duplicity and the Ocean's movies -- instead, this is way closer to the kooky aunt we know, love, and want to get drunk with. As proof, make those damn kids take a nap, grab a glass of cabernet, and enjoy both the trailer and this collection of the 9 best Julia Roberts faces from it:


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