The Romantics Trailer: Katie Holmes, Homewrecker


Did Michelle Williams take the career we thought Katie Holmes was going to have? Once upon a time, Holmes was regarded as the Dawson's Creeker with the most promise, an actress with subtlety and star power who'd certainly have a healthy life in movies after her show happened. And then, things happened. Now, Holmes is only a part-time actress, and one of her scattered few projects is The Romantics, where she goes head to head with Anna Paquin.

The film was one of two Holmes had at Sundance (the other being The Extra Man), yet neither had the buzz of Blue Valentine, which starred Sundance stalwart Williams. Maybe that's because of what this trailer makes the film look like: a conventional love triangle that's been cast with TV actors, including Josh Duhamel as the object of affection Holmes and Paquin fight over. The Romantics might be the first time Holmes has topped a call sheet in six years, but is this where any of us thought she'd end up?



  • Wellie says:

    I will watch Anna Paquin in anything, but is the world really clammoring for more movies about a pack of white college friends "coming to terms with things" at a reunion/wedding/funeral? You would need serious directorial magic to make me believe any two women would fight over the charisma-challenged roles Josh Duhamel excels at.
    Also, did "The Watchmen" do such a torpedo job on Malin Ackerman's career, that she's now playing third-bannana roles in poorly lit indies?
    Liv Tyler should send a huge vase of flowers to the person who convinced her to drop out of the Holmes role.

  • MrsQuint says:

    I have to admit I am a bit shocked on where her career has gone. I really enjoyed her in the small part she had in the "The Gift". However, Michelle Williams lives a low-key life in Brooklyn raising her daughter. Her priorites are more focus and does not want to have her own fashion line, like a Ms Holmes.

  • anonymous says:

    Its not Katie's fault the media and the world are so into her,Tom and Suri. She didnt ask for that. Williams is low key but ofcourse the Cruise family wants that too but certain celebs cant have that.
    Why compare Katie to Michelle? Katie on her own is classy,beautiful and a tremendous actress.I like the movies more of Katie and the path she is heading. Im not a Williams fan but I dont bash the other to promote actors and actresses of my choice.

  • Dorothy says:

    I personally find negative comments a bit silly. It's not like you are doing any better- critics are very easy to find. Are you doing as well as Katie as an actor or an actress? Do you have a successful relationship with your husband/wife and children? Celebs are people just like anyone else- I think people should spend more time making themselves more happy, profitable, whatever their goals happen to be. If everyone worked on making the world a better place, then it would be a better place. Instead of finding wrong or being critical of others . . . . .