The Official vs. Tijuana Avatar DVD Releases: A Compare and Contrast

Pictured on the left, we have the confirmed official cover art for the Avatar home video, available 4/22/10. Next to it is a considerably less official version, currently available on Tijuana kiosk shelves. As you can see, the Mexican street version of the Sam Warthington [sic] blockbuster has several appealing bonus features not available on Fox's release, including versions in both "español y English," plus a live commentary track by the guy who recorded it with a handheld video camera in a crowded theater, where you'll glean fascinating insights like, "the reason is so blurry is you need the especial glasses," and "Michelle Rodriguez is still hot, even if she only likes the chicas."


  • SunnydaZe says:

    For the Tijuana version instead of 3D glasses the package includes a bag of shrooms and a bottle of tequila.

  • Tom Koester says:

    Bootleggers are an evil lot. Period. But who would pay for a "blurry" version from a hand held camera in the theater that is sid=splaying BOTH eyes superimposed! It is the height of idiocy, but there is no "return to dealer" for a dissatisfied customer. Anybody who knowingly buys a bootleg deserves the lousy quality he gets; but bootleggers are a drain on the movie business that needs to be stopped.

  • ignae says:

    ahhh you gott love mexico, instant classic

  • 5x says:

    The Tijuana version sounds more entertaining actually due to the commentary.

  • just another Tijuanero says:

    In all farmers market in Tijuana "mercado" and all over Mexico you can always find any DVD Movie for as little as 10 pesos which is less than One US Dollar GREAT DEAL.

  • snickers says:

    So instead of being transported to and immersed in the alien world of Pandora, bootleg viewers instead sneak into a seedy, sticky-floored underworld someplace in Mexico.

  • tijuana says:

    hi guys
    I like the movies, all versions.
    JaJaJa, but i pefer "Echo en Mexico"

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