The Frosting Monster


Lost cast members recently filmed some sort of dada art installation where they all say, "Mmmm, cake." I feel frazzled. No, frosted. [Jezebel]

· Kristen Stewart's comic book will finally tell the actress's life story the way it was intended -- in 2-D. [ONTD]

· An arrest has been made in connection to the illegal prescription drug ring connected to Corey Haim. [CNN]

· That suicide bomber satire you plan on watching with your whole family now has a trailer. [Empire Online]

· North Carolina children won an eyeful when tuning into the Kids on Demand network from 6 to 8 a.m yesterday morning. You guessed it: A sinister Time-Warner programmer "accidentally" cued up the Playboy Channel. [THR]

· Ivan Reitman's contracted to direct Ghostbusters 3, but Columbia wants the well-known auteur "Younger Director" to handle the task. [Vulture]