Buzz Break: Young Pilgrims


· How excited are you about Edgar Wright's upcoming Michael Cera starrer Scott Pilgrim? Excited enough to moon over this picture of a poster? That excited!

· "'Cougar' has become so distasteful. I really hate that expression," Demi Moore tells Harper's Bazaar, instead preferring "puma."

· It ain't easy being Amanda Seyfried, who gulps both a Lexapro and a diet-mandated spinach lunch during her new Esquire interview.

· Matthew Morrison wasn't fond of that aggressive Elle interview a while back that insinuated he was gay. "That was, like, the worst interview I've ever done, and it kind of turned me off from doing interviews completely, because that guy was such a d**k," Morrison told Zap2it. "I was completely caught off-guard."

· Padma Lakshmi's rumored baby daddy Adam Dell is fighting for more time with their daughter, thereby confirming his paternity. You know, I'd always held out hope it was Sam Talbot from Top Chef season two.