American Idol Recap: Who Had the Best Stones?

Forcing past stomach butterflies is apparently a difficult trick on American Idol. The more fortunate performers conquered their nerves for "Rolling Stones Week" and emulated Mick Jagger by strutting, rooster-dancing, Tyler Grady-conjuring, and daring to sing. Their success was sometimes so grand that Johnny Depp threatened to base his next film character on a kooky old coot somewhere in the room. Hide, Lacey Brown! We rank the night's renditions one by one -- with helpful visual aids -- after the jump.

12. Tim Urban, "Under My Thumb"

I was just thinking about how misogyny needed a Caribbean beat. Our man McFly pulled through with his easygoing, hilarious version of the Stones' he-man-woman-hating hit.

11. Katie Stevens, "Wild Horses"

Katie Stevens made her Top 12 debut with a razzle-dazzle combo of conventional singing and a first Communion gown. Very Madonna! Except so, so not. For being 16 years old, Katie's performances always ring of "old mare." You can't just have a hit with a Diane Warren record anymore, Katie. Try out again 10 years ago.

10. Michael Lynche, "Miss You

Who can handle the unanimous shilling for Mike Lynche? Far as I can tell, he just adopts a Maurice Gibb falsetto and stomps around like a no-good baby genius from a later Dom DeLuise picture. The artistic integrity isn't there! And his wife refuses to update us on the width of her cervix, so I can't guarantee there's a thing to care about here.

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  • Brian says:

    Regarding Casey James' one handed guitar playing:
    His guitar was tuned differently than a "standard" guitar. Most of the Stones' guitar parts are written for a guitar tuned to "open G," which means that by strumming without depressing any of the frets a G Major chord sounds. This tuning is kind of banjo-like and gives the Stones' their kind of quintessential Stoney-ness.
    Hope that clarifies things.

  • Brad N says:

    Did you check out Didi's sideways swipes at Siobhan (*she's this dark, funny little girl isn't she?*) and her ENTIRE FAMILY (*everyone else in my family is sleepwalking thru their lives!*).
    That she's actually a good singer is so distressing.

  • Albina Gentz says:

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