Shocker: Jason Segel Confirmed to Star in New Muppet Movie


You know it's going to be a slow news day when material that's been rumored and recycled and regurgitated for the better part of two years sends the Web into paroxysms of buzz. Take the new Muppet movie that Disney has planned, with the most recently reported title The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made and a script co-written by Jason Segel. The actor-writer has made little secret about it being his dream project, which is awesome for him because now -- shock of shocks -- he's starring in it.


James Bobin is on board to direct the movie, the plot of which is under wraps. The TV show as well as some of the movies tended to have one key human actor with whom the Muppets associated on their adventures. It is known that Segel plays a man on a quest to find and reunite the Muppets.

Now, if someone tells me Segel has to spring Dr. Teeth from rehab or that Animal is doing 25-to-life for criminally negligent AHHRARRRAHHRRAHHH, then it's time to get excited. Am I right? Let's get this thing going already.

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  • CuttingMakesYouSexy says:

    No... not Shocker. Shocker would be if Jared Leto was planning to write and reunite the Muppets into some douchey, eyeliner wearing emo band that Paramount was backing to try and take on the Disney sexualized preteen-sluts.
    This is expected. Awesomely wonderful and OMG MUPPETS!!! But expected.

  • CuttingMakesYouSexy says:

    Oh... and I'm too lazy to read anything past the title... hence my reiteration of your entire posted-point.
    Le Fin.

  • Why doesn't a muppet star in it?

  • stretch65 says:

    Miss Piggy and the Rats doing Gonzo porn?