Late Night Highlights: Jennifer Aniston's Star Quality, Shannen Doherty's Tears and Vintage Kara DioGuardi

David Letterman has a habit of tipping his hand when talking to an actor or actress about the film he or she is promoting. Either he likes it or he doesn't. In the case that he has seen the movie and likes it, he will gush so profusely that it sometimes makes the promoting participant uncomfortable -- like he did with Natalie Portman about Brothers back in November. And then other times, he's seen movie, and maybe, well, it wasn't for him. That was the case last night when talking to Jennifer Aniston about Bounty Hunter. Unwilling to endorse the movie entirely to viewers, the Late Show host instead raved about Aniston's star quality ("You light up the screen and you say right there, that's worth the ten bucks."), her ability to run around in heels for 90 minutes onscreen and her co-star's (Gerald Butler) convincing American accent. Those rave soundbites, which could find their way onto the back of Bounty Hunter's DVD case, as well as the other highlights you missed last night while attending your first anger management class, after the jump.

4. Parlor Games with Two Oscar-Nominated Actresses

No one pick Toni Collette for your charades team. She is from Australia and does not share the same bank of pop culture references that you, Jimmy Fallon or his announcer might.

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  • shellie says:

    Regarding Jennifer Aniston's appearance on Letterman. You may have missed that Letterman did make a favorable comment about the movie, after they showed the clip of The Bounty Hunter, he said it reminded him of the movie "It Happened one Night" with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. And Jennifer Aniston thanked him for the comparison.