Is The Hard Times of RJ Berger Simply Hung For the Young?

Have you ever walked down the halls of your high school feeling lonely and dejected, like your life just could not get any worse? And then you slipped into eighth-period gym class, a bully pantsed you, and your entire class realized that your penis was abnormally large? Like, so abnormally large that it was about to change your fortune in life? Well that is the tale that MTV's first single-cam comedy The Hard Times of RJ Berger is telling -- or as we here at Movieline have been calling it -- Hung For the Young.

The fantasy comedy series, created by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith (both of CBS's internet TV series Clark and Michael), will premiere June 6, about a year after HBO unveiled its triumphant comedy appendage Hung. Being peddled by the network as The Wonder Years meets Superbad, Hard Times appears to be more of a censored version of the pay cable series starring Thomas Jane. Instead of a ruggedly handsome Detroit father (Jane) who uses his anatomical gift to pad his high school teacher's salary, Hard Times features a classic geek (Paul Iacono) who uses his tool to pad his popularity with women. Neighborhood cougars, that normal-looking-but-for-the-sake-of-teen-fantasy "ugly" girl (Kara Taitz) and even R.J.'s comically unattainable dream girl (Amber Lancaster) flock to his side upon the discovery. A fun premise, sure, as long as MTV spares us the teen angst.

Take a look for yourself and let the double entendre fun begin.


  • SousChefGerard says:

    Groaning inducing facebook reference? Check.
    Madea impersonation? Check.
    Illogically time warped 80s stereotypes in the year 2010? Check.
    Baby Hung is shaping up to be a real big flop.

  • NP says:

    I guess Fat Sidekick fits in with warped 80s stereotypes?

  • Dustin Jones says:

    I registered my idea with the Writers Guild on 7/08/2008 for this same idea plus a little extra which I will not print here, but here is part of the idea for Receipt# 566254:
    Make Your Move 3-19-2008 10pm
    A high school movie where the geeky guy is trying to get the hottest girl in school, XXX XX XXXXXX XXX.
    His chess coach gives him pointers on how to pick up chicks along with help from one of his cute chess friend who’s a girl and knows he has a huge penis (closet hot girl). The girl he wants is the most popular girl in the school, but he thinks it’s worth a try through hard work and changing his look; he will work some magic and get the girl.
    I will be looking into this...Dustin Jones

  • Jay Medina, Esq. says:

    Sounds like copyright infringement to me my friend.