Iron Cross Trailer: 151 Seconds of the Movie That's Killing Variety


By now you know all about the controversy surrounding Iron Cross, the handiwork of one Joshua Newton and the final film of the great Roy Scheider. Perhaps the saddest thing about the scandal afflicting this film and Variety -- which allegedly buried a bad review of the film over Newton's $400,000 ad buy and putative Oscar campaign for Scheider -- is how much sturm und drang and bitter angst is being expended over something as monumentally dreadful-looking as this. Click through for your slightly-used evidence.

A "new" teaser -- featuring a snarly, Luger-toting Scheider tracking down the Nazis who brutalized him and his loved ones during the Holocaust -- is really it's just the last 16 seconds of last month's trailer. It all channels Newton's operatic ambitions about as dynamically and compellingly as a two-and-a-half-minute fart. You want to think the guy had good intentions, but judging by the long tail of carnage left behind by what promises to be little more than a straight-to-DVD revenge potboiler, are you really prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt?