Hollywood Ink: Channing Tatum, Keira Knightley Join Captain America Speculation


· I lost track a while ago of who was still in the running to play Captain America, but I'm pretty sure Channing Tatum is a relatively new suggestion? Which could mean anything in terms of his actual legitimacy as a contender -- everyone but Cedric the Entertainer has been suggested at this point -- but as one observer notes: Can Tatum even reasonably approximate the hero's weakling alter-ego Steve Rogers? Also, Marvel reportedly approached Keira Knightley to play the Captain's love interest Betsy Ross. As in: "Tatum. Knightley. Captain America. Coming in 2011." Nahh. [THR]

The witch business picks up for Summit, Kristen Stewart is linked to the end of the world, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Shoved off Wanted 2 by a reluctant Angelina Jolie, director Timur Bekmambetov will instead produce and possibly direct The Last Witch Hunter for Summit. The House That Twilight Built acquired the pitch by Cory Goodman -- about, well, a solitary witch hunter facing an outbreak of the pesky things -- with the hopes of establishing a new franchise. Of course. [Deadline]

· Kristen Stewart is said (by Roger Friedman, so grain of salt) to be attached to Backwoods, a film vaguely about "the end of the world," co-starring Julianne Moore and directed by Moore's husband Bart Freundlich. [THR]

· Tobey Maguire is the front-runner to star as chess legend Bobby Fischer in the David Fincher-directed Pawn Sacrifice. Someone, somewhere in Hollywood, is planning a Golden Globes party for this as we speak. [Deadline]

· And speaking of awards bait: Glenn Close co-wrote and will produce and star in Albert Nobbs, about a woman impersonating a man in order to find work in 19th-century Ireland. Amanda Seyfried, Orlando Bloom and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are reportedly attached in unspecified roles -- probably something about getting financing. [Deadline]

· More noise around The Invention of Hugo Cabret; following the Sacha Baron Cohen/Ben Kingsley news from Monday, Martin Scorsese will go to Asa Butterfield (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) for his young male lead opposite Chloë Moretz, the Verge alum better known these days as Kick-Ass's Hit Girl. [Deadline]


  • Martini Shark says:

    I am getting beyond tired of all the casting speculation beghind "Captain America". At this point I am about the only one left not rumored with this title so -- . . . hold on, my agent is texting me. . .

  • rj77 says:

    *opleaseopleaseoplease let Cedric the Entertainer get Capt. America*