Has Paranormal Activity 2 Found Its Director?


The farther we get from microbudget horror phenomenon Paranormal Activity, the more its sequel seems doomed. Were there any dangling threads in the first that really required revisiting? Vacation photos left undiscovered in an attic? Scrabble boards yet to erupt into flames? And yet all it takes is a look at the hard numbers -- an initial investment of $1.78 and three sunflower seeds has yielded earnings for Paramount of $183 million, plus one funny-enough Oscars parody and a new specialty division -- to quickly realize that Paranormal Activity 2 is coming whether we want it or not. And its search for a director may finally be over.

You'll recall Saw VI director Kevin Greutert, Paramount's original choice, very publicly blogged his frustration at losing the gig to a previous, soul-relinquishing contract with Billy the Tricycle-Riding Puppet. Other names were bandied about, including Brian De Palma's, and the thought of the man who made Carrie and Scarface shouting "more flour! We need more flour and can you rustle the Venetian blinds a little more? We gotta ratchet the tension!" from behind a monitor was just kind of depressing.

Now Shock Til You Drop says a deal is close to being struck with screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, Ron Howard's favorite word-putter-on-pages, who lately has been writing and directing episodes of Fringe, the Fox series in which paranormal activities regularly take place. Is this good news? Sure, why not. What's he going to do -- ruin the franchise? This isn't Batman.

UPDATE: A Paramount rep tells us "nothing is confirmed."

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  • HwoodHills says:

    Word on the street has the film taking place inside the home of Spencer Pratt during his anger management classes.
    They can shoot it cheaply and have their own PR firm built in with all of Sprouche's twitter updates.
    With an interesting end twist (spoiler ahead), The Sprouche scares the demon so badly (due to his self-aggrandizing) that it flees, promising to come back with scarier friends in order to complete the trilogy.
    (It's a Win Win for all.)