5 Quotes from The Price of Beauty That Make Jessica Simpson Our New Margaret Mead


Jessica Simpson's VH1 series The Price of Beauty, wherein the pop star visits different countries and investigates cultured ideas of attractiveness, is not quite the National Geographic expedition you had in mind. In last night's premiere, Simpson showed us five qualities that make her a societal observer, with five quotes that will leave you feeling super-proud of our international relations. Read her musings from Thailand after the jump.

1. Debunking Stereotypes

"I thought that Thai massages had happy endings. I was just wondering where mine was."

2. Mingling with the Townspeople

"At all of the different countries we're going to, we're going to have a beauty ambassador to teach us about the beauty in that country. In Thailand, our beauty ambassador is Sonia Couling. She is a model and she also hosts Thailand's version of America's Next Top Model."

3. Authentic Thai Activities

"I got chill bumps from head to toe when the fortune teller said you're really going to fall in love. And of course, right now I'm single, so... fingers crossed."

4. Representing America

"It's kind of a ritual for them to eat these bugs because it does speed up their metabolism... I can't even eat salmon!"

5. Selfless Connections with Others

(Regarding a woman whose skin was permanently damaged by skin-bleaching treatments): "The first thing you notice is the coloring in her skin, in her arms, in her hands, and then on her face. In that moment, I felt insecure. And then you sit back and realize, 'Wait. This is why I'm here.'"