TV Bites: Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell Reunite at Comedy Central


· Will Ferrell's Gary Sanchez Prods. has cast two Saturday Night Live alums in its untitled Comedy Central sitcom. Chris Parnell and Horatio Sanz join Jon Heder in the comedy, which stars Heder as a man chasing big dreams -- even as he loses his job and moves back in with his parents. Sanz and Parnell will play his friends -- one an ex-convict and the other a burned-out teacher. The three pals try to save their hometown but ultimately fail in each episode. Production on the multi-cam series, which is being written by Lew Morton (Walk Hard) is set to begin on March 31. [Variety]

NBC eyes Jack Bauer, ABC hires two Proposal stars, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· NBC executives are considering reviving the 24 series on their network if Fox pulls the plug on Jack Bauer after his eighth season. [EW]

· Mary Steenburgen will star in ABC's pilot Southern Discomfort, about a father whose life is turned upside down when his grown kids move back in with him. Steenburgen will play their mother. [THR]

· Another Proposal star has scored a gig at ABC. Future Saturday Night Live host Betty White will play a school librarian in an upcoming episode of The Middle. [EW]

· Larry David announced at the William S. Paley Festival on Sunday that there is a "good chance" there will be an eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. [Variety]

· MTV has banned Lady Gaga's music video for her single "Telephone" for being too provocative. [Gawker]


  • caslab says:

    Are you sure MTV didn't ban Lady Gaga’s music video for being a music video?

  • HwoodHills says:

    The Gaga/Beyonce video raises three questions:
    1. At 9+ minutes it takes up about a third of Mtv's space for daily video plays. Why are people upset?
    2. Who heads up security for that prison?
    3. How is Beyonce still getting acting jobs?