Something Rotten in Denmark


If you ever thought theater chains in the States were extortionate, check out what's happening in Denmark, where Copenhagen moviegoers are paying double the standard 10-euro ticket price to watch Avatar in 3D. That amounts to about $28 -- not a whole lot more than what they're paying in Slovakia (eight euros) or around the rest of Europe on average (seven euros). I mean, Land of the Lost probably could have shattered global box-office records at those prices. And people still line up to pay them! Brutal. [Deadline]


  • gkp00co says:

    "And people still line up to pay them!"
    This is proof that free markets work.
    If the price was too high people would *not* be lining up to see Avatar in 3D or otherwise. They would find some other, more cost-effective use for their entertainment dollars/euros/yen/whatever (i.e., parties, DVDs, video games, vacations, myriad other possibilities).