Play Her Off, Keyboard Man!

· In TV news, this ChatRoulette recording is better than 99% of reality programming. And Gastineau Girls isn't even on anymore, so that's probably an understatement.

[Growling at the Moon]

· Good news for Charlie Sheen apologists! He pleaded "not guilty" and will return to filming that one show. [People]

· Nerd burlesque: Even furrier and more horrifying than you think! Still: C-3PO better work. [Topless Robot]

· The first hour of HBO's WWII miniseries The Pacific is online. Nine more gleeful hours await you.


· Can you guess what these Jason Statham movies have in common? Hint: It's impossible to be wrong. [HuffPost]


  • OldTowneTavern says:

    I'm sure this is an accurate example of the kind of interaction people can expect to find on ChatRoulette. I think I'll give Nana the good news.

  • HwoodHills says:

    When did Jason Schwartzman start ChatRoulette-ing?
    (And why can no one spell "you're" correctly?)