Miley Cyrus Tells Movieline Why She Left Twitter: 'It's Dangerous, It's Not Fun, It Wastes Your Life'


In a swank Santa Monica hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean this weekend, Miley Cyrus spoke to reporters about her upcoming film, The Last Song -- the latest romantic weepie from best-selling author Nicholas Sparks, and the first for which he also wrote the screenplay. Also a first for Sparks: Song was conceived and specifically written for Cyrus, who was looking for a project to help her break out of Hannah Montanadom and graduate to more mature roles.

"It's interesting to leave my security blanket behind. It was such a huge deal in so many kids' lives," Cyrus said about the upcoming Hannah Montana finale. But as for revisiting the character in another film, she made it clear where she stands. "[Hannah's] wig is," she whistles, "out. One will be in a museum, and one will be... burned, or something."

I admitted to having developed a guilty pleasure addiction to her Twitter feed, and went into Miley tweet withdrawal when she abruptly pulled the plug in October with a message reading, "FYI Liam doesn't have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason." (Liam, or course, refers to her Song co-star and now boyfriend, handsome Aussie discovery Liam Hemsworth.) So what, exactly, was that reason?

"I was kind of, like, tired of telling everyone what I'm doing," Cyrus told Movieline. "I hate when I read things and celebrities are complaining like, 'I have no personal life.' I'm like, well that's because you write everything that you're doing."

"So I was that person who was like, 'I'm so sad. I have no real, normal life, everyone knows what I'm doing.' And I'm like, well that's my own fault because I'm telling everyone," Cyrus said. "And then I'd tweet, 'I'm here,' and I'd wonder why a thousand fans are outside the restaurant. Well, hello, I just told them. So I'm just, like, kind of thinking doesn't really make a lot of sense. Everything I'm saying is not really going with what I'm putting on the internet.

Asked if the change has been for the better, Cyrus took a moment to consider, then said, "I'm a lot less on my phone, I'm a little bit more social. I have a lot more real friends as opposed to friends who are on the internet who I'm talking to -- which is like not cool, not safe, not fun and most likely not real. I think everything is just better when you're not so wrapped up in [the internet]."

"I just think it's kind of lame," Cyrus continued. "I feel like I hang out with my friends and they're so busy taking pictures of what they're doing and putting them on Facebook that they're not really enjoying what they're doing. You're going to look back and have a million pictures, but you're not going to be in any of them. Because you're not having fun, you're too busy clicking away. So I think just enjoy the moment you're in, and stop telling people about it. Just enjoy it."

Does she realize she sounds like a mom when she says stuff like that?

"Yes, I do," she answered, smiling. "I'm telling kids, don't go on the internet, it's dangerous, it's not fun, it wastes your life, and you should be outside playing sports or something."


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