Mike Tyson Announces Reality Show About Secret Obsession: Pigeon Racing


In what will likely remain one of the most bizarre announcements this week, the New York Post is reporting that Mike Tyson -- former heavyweight champion, convicted felon, notorious ear-biter, documentary subject and Hangover actor -- will star in an Animal Planet reality show that showcases his first true love: pigeons. The boxer and the birds go way back, apparently to when Tyson, at the tender age of 10, stole milk cartons to shelter pigeons being kept in his Brownsville neighborhood as pets. But the relationship goes deeper. For instance, would you believe that the birds influenced Tyson to start fighting?

As a child, Tyson cleaned out pigeon cages for his neighbors and in return got to keep the strays as pets that he adored and would later fight to protect: "I never hurt anybody until somebody hurt one of my birds."

Today, Tyson owns a "few hundred" birds which he houses in lofts in Brooklyn and Jersey City. His new Animal Planet show, Take on Tyson, will feature the former boxer as he races his pigeons against some of the top racing-pigeon owners in the city. In order to get his birds in shape for the sometimes 500 mile competitions, Tyson hired professional pigeon trainer Vinnie Torre.

Although details about the show are still fuzzy, the boxer is certain that Take on Tyson will introduce a new demographic to pigeon racing and allow Tyson to stay active in retirement: "I may have stopped fighting but I never stopped flying birds. It's my first love."

· Mike Tyson Reality Series Takes Wing [New York Post]


  • anonymous says:

    Reality shows - pidgeons - Mike Tyson
    Trash TV - trash birds - trash

  • stretch65 says:

    You know who else likes pigeons - Bert on Sesame Street

  • Barbara J. Rober says:

    Back in 1958 a young boy in Middle Village, New York found a sick pigeon in front of his house. He took in in, and since then has loved and taken care of pigeons. I met this man when he came home from serving in the United States Air Force in 1967. When I married him in 1969 I also married his passion for Pigeons. He has taken care of these birds since 1958. People don't realize how special they are. They have carried many important message during wars, the Queen of England has them. They are one of God's many incredible creatures. Anyone who doubts how special they are should see the video Marathon In The Sky narrated by the actor Michael Landon.
    Today unfortunately people do not take the time, and effort necessary to keep alive the important things from our past.

  • anon ymous says:

    they are disgusting creatures and carry disease... kill them all!

  • Pigeon racing is a great sport and hobby that can include the entire family. It teaches nature, responsibility, craftsmanship just to name a few. Pigeon fancier absoluelty adore their birds, everyone seems to have their facts mixed up when it comes to pigeons and pigeon racing. We have a great group of fanciers at http://www.pigeonracingpigeons.com who will all tell you the same thing. Pigeon racing is a great sport and has been around for ages.

  • redballss says:

    It is unfortunate that ignorant people go out of their way to hurt others and comment on things they have no knowledge of. (A good argument for education) Pigeons have an invaluable history with mankind, but if your scope of reading is limited and your mind is closed (for what ever reason). Then we thank you for identifying yourself so that you may be avoided, because igonrance can not be treated unless it invites treatment.

  • Hello Blog author may I be permitted to quote some of the facts from this above post if credit for the post is given in a link back to your blog?

  • Janie S says:

    I also raise and love pigeons and agree that they are a very interesting bird. There is a large book written by Wendell Levi simply called "The Pigeon" in which are some very interesting facts about the birds. They carried many messages through enemy fire during wars and saved many human lives. Pigeons definitely don't get the credit they deserve from the average person basically because they don't know the true facts. Mike I'm looking forward to your show and will watch every episode!

  • sharon says:

    What an ass you are. Kill yourself for being so ignorant. They are sweet, intelligent birds who have been around a lot longer than humans you moron. And they do NOT carry avian. Read and educate yourself. Pigeons rule and so does Tyson!!