Jim Carrey Passes on Butter, Kate Hudson Still In the Mix


Jim Carrey hasn't shot a new film in over a year, though he has several potential projects in the mix for 2010. One of those probably won't be Butter, Movieline hears. Vulture claims the actor is in talks to star in the Black List-vetted script about a term-limited butter-sculpting champion, his beleaguered wife (Jennifer Garner), and the young black upstart who threatens their family's dominance in the sport. However, our sources say Carrey has already passed on the lead role.

Vulture also claims that Kate Hudson is in talks to play the term-limited champion's mistress; we hear she's still sitting on the script.

No word yet on who will play the young African American girl, though producers were initially interested in Will Smith's daughter Willow for the part. Jim Field Smith (She's Out of My League) will direct.


  • penny says:

    lol..kate hudson is so desparate for oscar!....why on earth would they want her in Butter, she cant act to save herself.

  • guest says:

    Good for you Carrey! Garner can't carry a film worth anything. She thinks she's better than she is because she's married to an Alister. Garner is boring and a tv actress at best. She's only famous in hollywood b/c of Ben. Half of the moms hate her fake persona. She comes off thinking she's more than she is. Sorry. I know Hollywood is a small town and Ben Affleck has a lot of power but people need to pass on her. Her talent is limiting. Without being married to Ben and prancing her kids out everyday, no one would be talking about her.

  • happygolucky says:

    Good news about Carrey. I keep hoping he'll do another Majestic-type movie, I thought he was quite good in that.

  • poppyseeds says:

    i would never be interested in watching a movie that includes hudson, shes so cheezy, same old same old....Garner and Carrey have made many movie hits..hudsons so washed up, shes only good for red carpets and magazine covers.