Compare and Contrast These 2 Behind-the-Scenes Clips for Predators and Eclipse

Two of this year's most anticipated movies have already finished their EPKs, and now you get to watch a little bit of 'em. Sound good? First up, we have Predators, the Robert Rodriguez-produced reboot of the series that essentially tries to get away from the Alien vs. Predator franchise by simply ripping off Aliens, not featuring them. It's a small but crucial difference! In the other corner, we've got some making-of footage from the next Twilight installment, Eclipse, and it's actually way more involving than the film's teaser trailer. Green-screen shenanigans, Bryce Dallas Howard's terrible wig, people being flung all over the place, brand-new shirtless jailbait...what's not to like?

Here's Predators:

And here's Eclipse: