Friday Box Office: Go Ask Alice


Moviegoers had a wealth of new options to choose from at the box office yesterday, and they responded with a resounding "Meh." Alice in Wonderland yet again took the top spot, and the returns in the next three slots were positively brutal: Green Zone at $5 million, Remember Me at $3.5 million, and She's Out of My League at $3.4 million. Matt Damon and Robert Pattinson, you're on notice.

The full figures:

ALICE IN WONDERLAND: $17,200,000 ($163,800,000)

GREEN ZONE: $5,000,000 (new)

REMEMBER ME: $3,500,000 (new)

SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE: $3,400,000 (new)

OUR FAMILY WEDDING: $2,500,000 (new)

SHUTTER ISLAND: $2,400,000 ($102,300,000)

AVATAR: $1,700,000 ($725,400,000)

BROOKLYN'S FINEST: $1,400,000 ($18,400,000)

COP OUT: $1,200,000 ($36,500,000)

THE CRAZIES: $1,100,000 ($30,800,000)


  • Furious D says:

    At least Remember Me & She's Out of My League don't have the $100+ million production budget, and god knows what in prints & advertising that Green Zone went out with. They have a chance of breaking even, or might make a profit if they have legs, but Green Zone is officially a WMD. (Weapon of Money Destruction)