Hollywood Ink: Anne Hathaway Prepares to Take on the Day


· Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess are in talks to co-star in One Day, the Lone Scherfig-directed adaptation of David Nicholls's novel about a man and a woman who meet for one day every year -- for 20 years -- before they realize that, yes, maybe they're in love. Unbelievable. Everybody knows that a fake Vatican business card and any decently tailored suit can close that deal in a matter of minutes. [THR]

Captain America circles a villain, Avatar plots a comeback, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· While the title role in Captain America may be up for grabs for the rest of our natural lives, director Joe Johnston may have his villain: Hugo Weaving, who is in talks to play the bony ex-Hitler ally Red Skull. [THR]

· James Cameron and Fox are reportedly contemplating an Avatar re-release this summer, featuring 10 minutes of new footage that would push the blockbuster's running time to 170 minutes -- the maximum allowed by analog IMAX. Expect a second Oscar campaign to follow, because what, are you going to stop them? [THR]

· Speaking of cynicism, Fox is also moving ahead with a Planet of the Apes prequel, with Rupert Wyatt in talks to direct. A commenter at Deadline describes it thusly: "A chimp changed by an experiment that makes him smart is raised by humans but ends up being imprisoned after attacking a man. The chimp leads a rebellion against his human captors and figures out a way to unleash a virus that kills all humans." Insert gentle nodding/chin-stroking here. [Deadline]

· Barry Pepper will play the outlaw "Lucky" Ned Pepper (no relation!) in the Coens' forthcoming adaptation of True Grit. [Variety]