Gugino Sings!

· Carla Gugino sings in Electro Luxx, written and directed by her boyfriend, Sebastian "I Wrote Snakes on a Plane" Gutierrez. Ah, the things we do for love. [MCN]

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· Phil Spector is demanding a retrial on the grounds of judicial error. To paraphrase another wig-lover, "And this time -- don't f*ck it up." [Wrap]

· South Park Season 14 (wow) begins Wednesday with a powerful episode dedicated to the sex-addiction outbreak plaguing so many, sports giants included. [AP]

· David Fincher is circling The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, based on the posthumous bestseller with a plum role for a "violent and antisocial but extremely intelligent hacker and researcher." Vulture tosses Carey Mulligan's name around. Sorry, Mary Lynn Rajskub. [Vulture]

· Sex and the City 2 looks to be a hybrid of Absolutely Fabulous's Morocco episode and Mamma Mia's big finale. [PNB]

· 1 Iron Man 2 trailer + 1 Iron Man 2 trailer = 1 Super Iron Man 2 trailer [TDW]