Buzz Break: Not to Be Confused With Knight & Day

· Coming Soon has the first look at Pixar's upcoming, Toy Story 3-attached short film, Day & Night.

· After Howard Stern's post-Oscar criticism, Jessica Simpson has come to Gabourey Sidibe's defense: "It's unfortunate because she walked the red carpet at the Oscars and she owned it."

· Quentin Tarantino's rep says he will not be providing a voice to the Smurfs movie, though if they want to send over any barefoot Smurfette footage, he's totally fine with that.

· Disneyland is planning a Tron monorail! A Tronorail?

· The Princess and the Frog may have inspired little girls to kiss amphibians and catch salmonella. This imitative behavior never would have happened if they'd called it The Gender-Neutral Monarch Who Might Even Be a Boy and the Frog.