Taylor Lautner Keeps it Real in First Eclipse Trailer


Kim Masters wrote something yesterday about how Taylor Lautner may soon usurp the role of Twilight franchise mascot from Robert Pattinson -- if he hasn't done so already. It seemed a little unlikely to me, if only because Pattinson's the one among them who can actually act when provided any halfway-decent material. But between all the broody portent and LOLZ-y line readings, there's something kind of touching about Lautner in the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

This movie might as well be called Bella's Choice -- that is how Summit is selling it, anyway, clobbering you over the head with Kristen Stewart's character's apparently mortal decision between the vampire Edward (Pattinson) and the wolfcake Jacob (Lautner). It's all kind of hilarious and easy enough to enjoy once you accept you're not the market for it, yet it will still probably make $700 million (at least) worldwide.

But there's something for the straight dudes, sort of, right around the :50 mark: Jacob confronts Edward Cullen with total equanimity and directness, spacing out his words, almost whispering, "You have to consider the idea that I might be better for her than you are." Like, what guy hasn't wanted to say that to a creep messing up the life and heart of a nice girl who could clearly do better? Moreover, it's just one of those rare moments where it feels like Lautner means it. It's kind of jarring.

Nevertheless the rest looks wonky and desperately self-serious as usual. Well, except for Bryce Dallas Howard long-jumping across a ravine. That's just hilarious by any standard.

VERDICT: Oddly moved!

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  • Krugmanic Depressive says:

    But the only reason that line reading works is that the trailer conveniently cuts away from his face--three times!--in the middle of it. Dude's eyes never sync up with the (minimal) movements his mouth makes. Then again, his abs do, which is why he seems more emotional shirtless.

  • Aw, come on, let him have this moment! And of course the trailer cuts away; that's what trailers do. Gotta squeeze in another shot of pensive Bella on the beach!

  • pb says:

    really? Since when furrowing your brown IS acting?

  • Old No.7 says:

    I've squeezed out turds that were more entertaining than this.

  • ellie says:

    "Kim Masters wrote something yesterday about how Taylor Lautner may soon usurp the role of Twilight franchise mascot from Robert Pattinson — if he hasn’t done so already."
    I keep reading people saying this and it has the edge of people saying something often enough in the hope that it might be true. LOL. I'm sure Pattinson is a no. 1 fan of this idea just so he can get away from being the face of the franchise and therefore able to do other things without being associated with Edward. Also, you may have been moved by Jacob's line but it almost sounded as if he wanted to kill her if he couldn't have her or hope she dies if he doesn't get her so it came off oddly creepy to me. It's the first time I've gotten the chills and understood why people sometimes find Twilight a little disturbing for young women. He's like that guy that won't go away. He follows and haunts you. I can't believe no one felt that chill when he said it. I guess maybe you have to have had the experience.

  • Charlene says:

    Robert Pattinson can actually act? Sorry but I missed that one. I wouldn't say all that but I do agree with the thought that Taylor Lautner has taken a few of Robert's fans, and the three of them or about on the same level when it comes to acting. I mean before Harry Potter and Little Ashes what's he done that deserves an Oscar. All three or on the same level with me. I love them all. The trailer was ok, and just wants me to see more.

  • SS says:

    What's creepier is the character Edward sneaking into her room at night before she knew he was doing it.
    What's creepier is Edward taking out wires from her vehicle so she doesn't go anywhere when he isn't around her.
    What's creepier is Edward having his minion faux vampire sister keeping her hostage while he is out sucking the life out of animals to feed.
    What's creppier is his initial and still main attraction to human Bella is the smell of her blood.
    What's creepier is Edward only being able to be with her if she gives up her life, family, and friends, in other words he has to literally kill her!
    "I keep reading people saying this and it has the edge of people saying something often enough in the hope that it might be true."
    I keep reading people pretending not to be Robert Pattinson fans or Twilight fans opposing anything positive said about Taylor Lautner often enough in hopes that it might shed some light into actual professionals such as paid movie crtics, directors, producers that you obviously don't think they know what they are doing and should keep your Edward I mean Robert*note the touch of sarcasm* in the spotlight instead of Taylor.

  • Mark says:

    Or since when is constantly brooding acting!
    I've seen several bits of Robert Pattinson's Remember Me and guess what I saw? Yes, it was Twilight Edwardesque character sans the white make-up and sparkles as brooding Tyler in Remember Me. He acted much like he did in twilight movies just with a different name. He can't seem to move beyond the victim, sacrificial, damned, brooding characters, no range as an actor.

  • Rebecca says:

    if taylor is the more popular actor, then why hasnt there been a similar movement in the same vein as the rampant robsession?
    as a fan of neither, im wondering why. seriously.
    taylor fans are mostly little girls, rob fans are mostly college-age women to twi moms.

  • Linn says:

    I tend to think the Edward frenzy will always be more prevalent because of his character in the book. He wins Bella's heart and will always be our first choice its not about rob and Taylor :because really who are they anyway :we don't know! Therefore we (everyone girl whose read the books and secretly wishes they were Bella) make our decisions based on who we think they are Edward and Jacob. We will always have a thing for our first love 🙂

  • Mel says:

    You people arguing over Taylor and Robert are morons. The books are read and reread because of Edward and Bella not the people who play them in the movies. In the end the books have the perfect ending where everybody is on their right place. Edward and Bella together of course.

  • Beth says:

    I am reading these posts and cracking up. The Twilight Saga is NOT - I repeat - IS NOT - for the intelligent movie goer. It is for the dreamy pre-teens, tweens, teens and their moms who are looking for some good, old-fashioned, CLEAN (no sex or vulgar language) romance to read and watch.
    If you don't like it - then don't watch it. But - don't diss those who are fans and respond to it.