Paramount Goes Micro


Hey you! Have a good, gimmicky idea for the next Paranormal Activity? Paramount is about to announce a new specialty division entitled Insurge Pictures, which has plans to make 10 films a year at a micro-budget of $100,000 each. It'll be headed by Amy Powell, the Paramount Interactive Marketing SVP who shepherded Paranormal to success. LA's struggling actor contingent may have hit the SAG card motherlode with this one. [Indiewire]


  • Martini Shark says:

    "No listen to your agent, get yourself to that audition . . . because, trust me, it is perfect for you . . . I know that, but this is perfect for you . . . because it is pure improvisational, there's no script -- that means no lines for you to memorize! . . . great, tell me how it went."

  • John M says:

    Did Mike Judge name the company?