Late Night Highlights: Buy a New Michael Jackson Single, a Runaways Ticket and Jessica Simpson's Enlightenment!

Post-Oscar week is nearly over and Elinor Burkett's fifteen minutes of fame ran up before she could make a single actual late night appearance. Fear not, other Academy Award winners made their final victory laps last night. Like Christoph Waltz, who stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to reflect on those 28 awards won this season and that one embarrassing late night sketch in which he mimes sex with rotary phones. That clip, as well as the others you missed last night while putting the finishing touches on your 30-city comedy tour, after the jump.

5. Team Anti-Marriage Ref

We salute you, Jon Stewart, for being one of the only celebrity comedians in Hollywood to successfully resist Jerry Seinfeld's Marriage Ref advances.

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