Full Robin Hood Trailer: All the Best Outlaws Have Daddy Issues

After an unsuccessful, off-putting foray into nu-metal teasers, the ad campaign behind Ridley Scott's Robin Hood has refocused itself for this week's full trailer. Now, we get a more classical approach to the story, a lengthy backstory for Robin (Russell Crowe) involving his dead father, and a whole lot of shots of Maid Marian, action hero. (Cate Blanchett donning chain mail didn't help Elizabeth: The Golden Age much, but let's hope she fares better here). Does it all seem a little familiar? Yes, but I'd argue to its advantage. The trailer says, "This is your father's Robin Hood -- just much, much more expensive-looking," and there's nothing wrong with a traditional approach done right. Let's just hope all those scenes of straight-shooting arrows inspire some spatial coherence from Scott's action editing.

VERDICT: Interested.


  • David says:

    Hmmm. Gladiator with bows and arrows - and Kate.

  • VoV says:

    Couldn't he just have made a Gladiator Prequel instead ... how Maximus became Maximus ... now that sounds much more interesting.

  • John Dingler says:

    Oh yeah! It's movie for me. Love those arrows. Love the action but, then again, I love medieval history.