Change Up to Add Much Needed Dude-Driven Raunch to Freaky Friday Format


Look at dapper Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper at a post-Oscars party. Aren't they an adorable couple? Wouldn't they be just great together paired on screen in some sort of buddy comedy with a simmering homoerotic undercurrent, perhaps one in which they get to explore each other's bodies intimately without having to actually go all the way and have sex? Of course they would. But they won't -- at least not yet. But Ryan and another charming actor will! Details follow.

It's Jason Bateman, and the project is the latest from the Hangover writing team of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, two men who never met a high-concept dude comedy they didn't like, write, then make a bazillion dollars off of. In Change Up, two best friends -- a responsible, uptight family man and his immature friend -- switch bodies, à la Jodie Foster and Lindsay Lohan, or however that went. Is it just me, or do these guys look pretty similar, thereby negating all the "ohmigod it's Judge Reinhold in little Kevin Arnold's body!" fun? But again, you have the whole setup of Jason nailing everything that moves with Ryan's penis. (Or is it vice versa?) And that is potentially hilarious! And heartbreaking. Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin will helm and produce -- his first project since 2007's stinky Yule log, Fred Claus.

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  • stolidog says:

    Changing bodies sounds like fun until you realize you get a raging case of herpes with that banging body.