But Where is Slave Leslie?

· For those of you wish Jabba the Hutt would take all his pie-in-the-sky ideas and join local politics, this overhaul of Parks & Recreation's opening credits will rejuvenate your faith in democracy. Behold: Hutts and Recreation. [YouTube]

· In other George Lucas "news," he and Steven Spielberg are worth $3 billion. [EW]

· This graphic art for an "Age of Conan" t-shirt design really brings out Mr. O'Brien's insane biceps. [The Daily What]

· Quentin Tarantino will fulfill one of his kitschy, zealous childhood fantasies (I'm sure) by voicing Brainy Smurf on the big screen. [IGN]

· Sam Worthington has been cast as Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future. It's huge in the UK. Duh. [SlashFilm]


  • Furious D says:

    1. That would be funnier if I could actually bring myself to watch something on NBC.
    2. Good, then they can loan me a couple of hundred million.
    3. He's been working out since he lost his gig I see.
    4. Brainy Smurf? What about hyperactive motormouth ADHD smurf?
    5. Come join Dan Dare the distant future year of 1998!

  • The Winchester says:

    Wouldn't it just be easier at this point to say what Sam Worthington's NOT attached to?

  • Interesting stuff. Too bad she passed, great to hear those old stories!