TV Bites: Keri Russell Considers Joining the Wilde Kingdom


· Keri Russell might rejoin the television ranks for her first regular role since Felicity. The potential project, Wilde Kingdom, is Fox's latest comedy pilot from Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, which already stars Will Arnett as a Beverly Hills jackass. Russell would play a tree-hugging woman whom Arnett's character falls in love with -- only to realize that she does not feel the same way about him, his lifestyle or his values. Hurwitz will direct the single-cam pilot, which he co-wrote with Arnett and Development writer-producer Jim Vallely. [THR]

Judy Greer and Jason Biggs find comedy pilots, Mr. T. shatters Seth MacFarlane's dreams, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· It's another big morning for pilot-casting news. Judy Greer, the romcom genre's go-to best friend, has been cast in Fox's comedy pilot Tax Man opposite David Krumholtz. Meanwhile, American Pie star Jason Biggs will lead CBS' comedy pilot True Love, about four friends in NYC, falling in and out of love. [THR]

· Dreams don't always come true when you're one of the most successful animator/creators under 40 -- just ask Seth MacFarlane, who failed to woo his childhood hero, Mr. T., to Family Guy. Unfortunately, his Fox series' crude content did not align with Mr. T.'s born-again Christian values. [THR]

· Former NYPD Blue star Jimmy Smits will star in the untitled John Eisendrath drama pilot at NBC. The project, which will be produced by UMS and Conan O'Brien's company Conaco, centers on a by-the-book Supreme Court Justice (Smits) who excuses himself from the bench to go into private practice and fight constitutional injustices. [THR]

· Charlie Sheen allegedly returned to work on Two and a Half Men yesterday after checking out of rehab. [THR]

· Stop the presses: The Jersey Shore's J-Woww has allegedly not taken a sip of alcohol in four months. [Radar]